Family Communication

Ensuring Open Lines of Communication for Families at Tucson Assisted Living Retreat.

You’re Part of The Care At Tucson Assisted Living Retreat

Here at the Retreat, our management team, care partners and in-house nurse coordinate together to create a unique personalized service plan that ensures our residents will receive the highest quality care.


Creating a collaborative environment.

At Tucson Assisted Living Retreat, we recognize the essential role that families play in the well-being and happiness of our residents.

Our dedicated staff is committed to providing timely updates, answering questions, and addressing any concerns that may arise. We encourage families to actively participate in care conferences and decision-making processes, as we believe that collaboration leads to the best outcomes. We strive to create a welcoming environment where families can openly share their insights, observations, and feedback.

Rest assured, we are here to listen, support, and serve as your partner in care every step of the way.


We foster connection through family communication.

At Tucson Assisted Living Retreat, we want families to have a part in their loved one’s care. To assist with that, we provide:

  • A weekly individualized wellness report with photos of residents
  • 24-hour text, chat and call service
  • Consistent coordination with families in regard to incident reports and resident special requests
  • Weekly posting of menu
  • Scheduled weekly photo and community updates
  • Utilization of our Family engagement app

We build trust through transparency and open communication.

At Tucson Assisted Living Retreat, we believe in the power of transparency and keeping families informed every step of the way. With our commitment to open and honest communication, we strive to provide regular updates and important information regarding your loved one’s well-being and care. 

  • Provide a safe place to have a dialogue about our resident’s care with family members.
  • Real-time survey for our families to submit how we at the Tucsson Assisted Living Retreat are performing.
  • Send a message, photo, or document to all family members to keep them in a loop about our activities and happenings.
  • Reinforce a strong activity program by instantly sharing our resident’s activity attendance and community calendar.

Tucson Assisted Living Retreat knows that communication between the family and their loved ones is vital in preventing feelings of isolation so we have partnered with HappyGram!, a nonprofit, family-run organization that helps families connect with their loved ones. Families can now send a personalized card with pictures to our residents no matter WHERE they are and what they’re doing!

Our Partners In Providing Care


Not Sure About Assisted Living?

Eventually, most families have to address the complicated and seemingly overwhelming question. How do I know when an aging relative needs more assistance than our family can provide?

We are dedicated to helping families answer these questions and to being a resource for the greater Tucson community.

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