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Living Life to the Fullest


Exercise and enjoying the company of your peers is vital for both the body and the spirit. Everyday we enjoy some time together, often laughing as we explore new ways to improve our fitness.

We have invested in the best tools and equipment to help our Care Partners and Residents get the most out of our “Morning In Motion” hour.

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Daily Chronicle

Every day at breakfast we read the Daily News Chronicle, provided by Activity Connection, to our residents.

The Daily News Chronicle includes fun and historical facts of the current day to stimulate the minds of our residents.

Download a sample of our 2-page Daily Chronicle

Fall Proofing With spiro 100

Spiro100 is a platform that provides a broad range of mind/body connection videos to improve the cognitive and physical abilities of our residents. They have a “Fall Prevention Academy” structured program they call FallProof that is shown to effectively and inexpensively reduce falls in over 100 care communities!

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Birthdays At The Retreat

We love celebrating our residents on their birthdays! From decorating to lighting 80 candles, we strive to make them feel extra special on their special day!

Download a sample of our BIRTHDAY FLYER

Move into a different kind of comfort – where luxury and warmth greet you…