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Crafted to meet your needs

Tucson Assisted Living Retreat is passionate about creating a healthy, vibrant,  fun environment for aging.

Our goal is to be the best care option in Tucson, assisting families by providing stellar care and creating a place to call  “Home” when being alone in a house is no longer safe and more socialization is desired.

Nutritious Cuisine

We eat every meal as a family, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We use an extensive menu-creating service that allows our residents to enjoy all types of meals and are always flavorful and fresh!


Caring and Assistance With Purpose

special events at the  retreat

Here at the Retreat, we make sure our residents get to enjoy birthdays, Holidays, and other special events by making these celebrations fun and festive because nothing is more important than spending quality time with people you care about.

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Having fun at The Retreat…

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